Saturday, October 11, 2008

The CLSA Convention, Trout Fishing, and Fall Break...

The (not so) Old Man and the Sea (or creek)

As you've noticed, there hasn't been much new here lately... with mid-terms and papers coming due, things have been busy the past few weeks. Thankfully, this next week is the annual CLSA convention, and classes for the Canon Law program are cancelled. This means a week to catch up on reading, time to write a fifteen page paper (the history of canon law from Roman times 'till about the 11th century reform of Gregory VII), host Joe and Augie for a few days, etc etc. Cabin fever has been pretty bad lately, so I decided to get out and go somewhere. Fishing...! Why not... So, it was off to Western Maryland early yesterday morning. A couple weeks ago I picked up some inexpensive fishing gear, read a couple books about Maryland trout fishing, and off we went. Maryland actually has some pretty good fishing, according to the books, at least... so what the hey? Went to the Casselman River yesterday morning, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from DC. A beautiful area on the Maryland/Pennsylvania border. Amish country. Spent the morning there, then headed an hour or so south to the Savage River Gorge. The scenery was stunning, and believe it or not, I actually caught a few fish. No records, mind you, but I was satisfied. My studying of those fishing books actually paid off. I found a place to stay the night and went back to the Savage River again this morning (with no luck, unfortunately). The leaves are beginning to turn their fall colors, and the temperatures were a crisp 40 -50 degrees or so in the morning until early afternoon. Every once in a while it's good "to evacuate the premises..."

The Casselman River:

The Savage River:

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