Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks to Maury...

About once a week a group of the guys here where I'm living get together on the patio after dinner to enjoy a drink and a cigar (we like to refer to it as "incense"). Thursday evening was particularly nice (mid-60's), and so was the cigar. A gift from a good friend back home (Maury), a "La Gloria Cubana - Artesanos de Miami." A new line of smokes from the popular cigar makers from "Little Havana" in Miami, FL. I highly recommend picking one up (or two...). Thanks Maury!

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maury said...

Glad u enjoyed the "incense", I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm setting here at the Preston Street Braintrust and the boys say "Hello"....We just took a "puff" in ur honor. Goatcheese Chuck says that when u come back in, he wants to take u for a ride in his new "toy"....and yea, it is an unusual ride...I know u will look good in it...take care..