Monday, May 25, 2009

More from St. Louis...

Check out the right-hand column near the top, where you'll find a video of Mass from St. Louis.

Also, here's some pics from this weekend's road trip:

The Oratory of St. Francis DeSales and the Institute of Christ the King:

The guys at the ballpark:


Matt1618 said...

Fr. Beach, nice video of your "missa privata" - well made. I have a question: what was the subdeacon holding elevated under a humeral veil at one point during the Mass?
Man, that Mass was awesome and the Institute guys seemed to be nice, normal, hospitable fellows - nothing stuffy about 'em. I was delighted as I was leaving the sacristy to hear one of them kindly teaching a young altar boy: "Do you know who you are serving? First, you are serving God. Second you are serving the priest..."

Padre Paulus said...

The subdeacon holds the paten with a humeral veil during the Canon of the Mass... returns it to the celebrant via the deacon after the "Pater Noster."

Yeah, I spent a good while talking with a few of them after my Mass. They were all quite amicable... an impressive bunch.