Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hats, Hats, Hats...

I have always liked to wear a hat... just a habit I've gotten into, I guess (covering my increasingly bald head). Lots of people have noticed, and I've gotten a lot of hats as gifts: mostly baseball hats - which I normally wear - but every once in a while I mix it up a bit. A straw panama during the summer; a black fedora; and don't forget the biretta for ecclesiastical wear!

Well, check out this website recently recommended by a friend (thanks, Fr. John...) featuring a most disturbing collection of ecclesiastical and academic head wear. Hold on to your biretta and click HERE! It helps if you can read German...

The trusty old fedora:

The "Biretta Padua" (an apparent variation upon the trusty old biretta):

You're a monsignor and want to wear the house cassock and biretta to the ballgame? NO PROBLEM!!!

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