Sunday, February 7, 2010

Out and About...

A day has passed since the big snow... time to get out and about. Fr. Yves was under the impression that his 4:30 PM flight to Houston out of Reagan Airport was going to go off as scheduled... at least that's what the website said. Seeing that I have the only four-wheel drive vehicle on the premises, I broke the truck free from the snow drift it was buried under and we struck out through the city. We saw some interesting sights along the way, as you can see below. People ambling down N. Capital Street by the dozens, oblivious to the few vehicles trying to get through. An ATV was tearing up and down Rhode Island Ave. Alas, we got to Reagan only to discover that the website was wrong, and the airport still closed. Such is life... The roads were better than I expected.

"Sacerdos 1" is unburied:

A View Down N. Capital Street:

A Guy Out on His 4-Wheeler on Rhode Island Avenue:

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