Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last Friday of the Semester at the Gunpowder...

The papers are done and studying for the final exams has begun. This week has been the calm before the storm as I come to the end of another semester. Yesterday afforded the opportunity to get away to the Gunpowder River for a little Friday fishing. The weather was pretty cold (about 40 for a high), but the fish were still looking up and taking flies off the surface. My last trip to the Gunpowder a few weeks ago I got skunked: not a fish was caught. I did, however, notice a hatch of some tiny little tan-colored insects coming off. I didn't have a fly in my box that came close to imitating it. In the effort to imitate this tiny fly, I spent about an hour at the fly tying vise and came up with this, tied on a tiny size 22 hook:

I tied up about four or five and threw them in my fly box. It proved effective yesterday. The same hatch was coming off sporadically throughout the day (in spite of the cold weather) and I caught three fish on this handy little pattern. I'll be tying more of these...

Here's a few pics and a video of what was a cold, but beautiful day on the river:

(notice the new fly successfully hooked in the top of its mouth:)

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