Friday, October 28, 2011

Been a While...

Ok, it's been quite a while since I put anything on here (in case anyone actually looks at this blog anymore...). Hard to believe that it has been four months since I began my new assignment as a pastor of two parishes and judge in the tribunal. It feels like my time as a canon law student at CUA was a long time ago. Things have been very busy just getting the lay of the land, trying to learn new names and faces (I'm horrible with the names...), figuring out which keys are for which doors, etc, etc. All the usual challenges of starting a new assignment. Things seem to be going well in spite of me, however. The people here are wonderful.

It hasn't been "all work and no play" however. I have been on the golf course a few times trying to rediscover my game (with mixed results), and have been doing some fishing. On that topic, my latest adventure is pictured below: a fly fishing pontoon. Came across a GREAT deal on this little bad boy (hereafter named "Sacerdos II") and it has been a lot of fun. Instead of being restricted to where I can only walk in and wade fish, this little boat means I can hop in and float large stretches of otherwise unreachable water, anchoring off wherever I see fish rising. A golfing buddy of mine, who has also been bitten hard by the fly fishing bug, has one of his own. We recently loaded them up and drove down South on I-65 where we floated the upper stretch of the Cumberland River in Southern Kentucky. Another buddy of mine, recognizing the sheer genius in this move of mine, has purchased his own pontoon and plans on joining in on future trips. Did I mention the boat has a rack for a cooler too?

What I'm attempting not to do:

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