Monday, October 5, 2009

JCL II Fall Field Trip...

Let's face it, my canon law class has earned a certain reputation around the university here. And I won't claim that I haven't had anything to do with it either, mind you. If there is one thing that everyone on campus knows it's this: canon law students know how to throw a party... we know how to have fun. Last year something of a tradition was begun. Once a semester, we take what we have begun referring to as "a field trip." Thursday evening after classes found us doing just that: duckpin bowling. A couple of our professors were even brave enough to go along, too. An evening of fun, enlightening canonical conversation, and amazing feats of athletic prowess was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Fr. Vince, our official class photographer, for the pics:

A last-minute bribe is offered to the official tournament scorekeeper:

Fr. Rich: the "Kingpin" of JCL II:

The second year canon law class:

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