Monday, October 26, 2009

Visit of Archbishop Kurtz to the Latin Mass Community...

Yesterday was a wonderful day for the Latin Mass Community at St. Martin's in Louisville. Our Archbishop attended in choir and preached at the 12:30 Mass. It was wonderful to have the support of the archdiocese visibly present, as it was also nice that two of the others (besides myself) who help celebrate this Mass were also present in choir. Especially nice was the presence of Fr. Charles Schoenbaechler - 93 years and still going strong: "Ecce Sacerdos Magnus!"

This Mass was begun in the archdiocese back in the late 80's under the indult Ecclesia Dei Adflicta, and has continued with the help of many good and holy priests. I have had the privilege of celebrating it for almost five years now.

As promised, here's a short video of yesterday's Mass. The choir did a spectacular job (as you hear in the video: the "Christus Vincit," one of my favorites...), the servers "remembered the altar cards" (inside joke...), and everything went smoothly. Thanks to Eddie for helping with the creative photo angles. This video may be revised and improved, once I can figure out how to get my editing software to read the video from a camera which was located in the choir loft... wrong format, I think. Anyway, enjoy:


Anonymous said...

I was at the mass on Sunday. It was very beautiful. Thank you so much for saying the mass at our parish.


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