Thursday, December 31, 2009


Say hello to the new (to me...) set of wheels. The Kia was beginning to show her age, and we had a tearful farewell. I traded her in while I could still get a reasonable value for the trade-in (I put 130,000 miles on her during my tenure in Meade County alone - a pastor of two parishes outside of the city does a LOT of driving, let me assure you).

The new mode of transportation is an '06 Nissan Frontier. I had a topper put on her (yes, the truck is a female), and just today finished equipping the inside of the bed. I cut a piece of plywood to fit, carpeted it, and then made some built-in shelving for storage. Not bad for an amateur, if I do say so myself:

Check out the license plate, oh yeah!:

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