Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Although it's awful cold outside right now (about 20 degrees), that hasn't kept me from thinking about fishing... I came across an interesting story from one of my favorite tv shows Kentucky Afield concerning the trout stocking program here in Kentucky:

The more I read, the more I discover that Kentucky is a decent place to fly-fish for trout. The Cumberland River down near Burkesville is a pretty well-known tailwater that has good trout fishing due to the stocking efforts of the Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery. Check out their website, along with a couple web-cams they have. I'm glad that once I finish my studies in Washington in a year and a half, when I'll have to leave behind my favorite fishing places up there, there will be new places to discover back here at home.

Speaking of, check out this video from Kentucky Afield of some trout that were being caught out of the Cumberland River (too bad they weren't using flies...):

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