Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello Again...

Had a nice weekend in Rome. Concelebrated at the 10:30 Mass on Sunday morning, for which I was asked to read an intercession. Hopefully will have a pic to post of that from Dr. Marten's soon. Ate what was the best meal of my life at my favorite restaurant: Scarpone's. Absolutely incredible main dish of beef filleta with a cream sauce and porcini mushrooms... bellisimo!

We are half-way through our first day of visiting the dicasteries. Visited the CDW, Congregation for Clergy, and Congregation for the Causes of Saints this morning. Very interesting presentations, particularly from the Causes of Saints, who provided a lot of interesting insight into the process of beatification and canonization. Here's a few pics:

A beautiful sunset from the roof top of our hotel:

My favorite restaurant in the world, Scarpone's:

The best pasta dish in Rome, the "Fettucini Scarpone:"

Fr. Vince and I in the sacristy of St. Peter's before Sunday morning Mass:

Fr. Vince and Fr. Anthony in the square for yesterday's Angelus:

The Trevi fountain:


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Beautiful sunset
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