Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Baseball Season, Finally...

The weather has finally turned and baseball season is here again. Thanks be to God. Now all I have to do is find the time to get myself to some ballgames. Here's a little something to whet the appetite (there's just something about baseball that demands jazzy organ playing, no?):


Haise said...

Awesome... among many things baseball and the Church share in common: a love for the organ :) Have any idea what ballpark that is? I didn't recognize it and could make out the team during the song.

Been following your blog sporadically over a year or so. If I haven't procrastinated too long, I hope to be accepted into the archdiocese formation in time to attend seminary this fall.

Padre Paulus said...

Excellent! I look forward to meeting.

As for the ballpark: I'm not certain, but I believe it to be the AAA team of the St. Louis Cardinals (The "Redbirds" of former Louisville fame...). I think they are now in Memphis?