Monday, April 26, 2010


Just getting back to Washington after spending the weekend at home. It was a much-needed break (albeit a brief one) from the studies. The trip was prompted by the fact that a good friend, Matt, was Ordained to the Diaconate on Saturday:

Matt will be Ordained to the Priesthood in May of next year. He will be a fine priest. I also had the opportunity to catch up with some friends while home. The guys got together on Sunday night for dinner and drinks, which was very nice (it's always nice to stay connected with your brother priests). Being away from the archdiocese for two years now has made that all the more important for me. On another evening my sister Katie, a friend of mine Joe, and I were able to catch a Reds game. They actually beat somebody too (the Dodgers):

And finally, I was able to celebrate the 12:30 Extraordinary Form Mass at St. Martin's on Sunday. It is always a treat for me:

Now it's back to the books. I have to complete revisions on my final paper of the semester and get ready for finals next week. I should be driving home next Thursday.

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