Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Characters of the School of Canon Law...

One of the three classes I have left to take for the JCL degree is titled "Comparative European Legal History: Roman Law and the Ius commune," or just "Roman Law" for short. Our professor couldn't be any more the stereotypical, somewhat disheveled, living in the 13th century... well, let's just say he is a character. While he is passionately in love with everything pre-15th century (mention the name "Gratian" and stand back...), when it comes to the internet he has a considerable amount of savoir-faire. In fact, he has an extensive website that is hosted by the university. Click HERE for Dr. Pennington's general website, and HERE for our specific class website. You can even check out video recordings of the class and access a plethora of material that has been scanned and posted.

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