Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Episcopal Motto...

With the announcement this morning that another of our priests from Louisville is being made a bishop, the talk at the house here this evening turned episcopal. Specifically, what would be some of the great (ok, the not-so-great) episcopal mottos that could be chosen? (For those of you who are unaware, a bishop usually chooses a favorite quote from scripture - usually from one of the psalms or gospels - to serve as a motto; a kind of theme for their episcopate)

Knowing the sense of humor of most of us here at the house - and apologizing in advance for it - here's what we came up with as a proposed list of great (i.e., not so great!) episcopal mottos:

"Do Whatever He Tells You"
"Behold Your King"
"This Is My Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased"
"Surely There Will Be A Stench"
"Jesus Wept"


Sean said...

Cardinal O'Malley already has you beat on QUODCUMQUE DIXERIT FACITE. And no talk of SEMPER UBI SUB UBI?

Matt1618 said...

LOL, pretty good Fr. Paul!
Who do you think the new Cathedral Rector and V.G. will be? Fr. Tony says he knows the new Rector but he aint sayin'. And he suspects the new V.G. could be someone that "ehem, the Abp. respects but doesn't always agree with, ehem"...