Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Next Month...

A lot of things are going to be taking place in my life in the next month or so: I'm just about ready to submit a thesis to my reader, I'm finishing the last classes of my (illustrious) canon law schooling, taking (and hopefully passing) my comprehensive exams, returning home in time to celebrate my tenth anniversary with a solemn high Mass at my home parish, vesting Deacon Matthew Hardesty at his priesthood ordination and preaching his Mass of thanksgiving, and beginning a new assignment (official announcement coming soon...).

The choir at the home parish has been very gracious in accommodating my demanding requests of music for the anniversary Mass. Here's a sampling of the pieces they have agreed to sing for the Mass:

For the offertory


The Solemn "Te Deum" will be chanted at the end of Mass

The Recessional

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Anonymous said...

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