Monday, April 18, 2011

A Weekend in Beantown...

It was a "bucket list" item: to attend a game at Fenway. Check that one off the list. This past weekend I took the chance to hop on an Amtrak train and head up to Boston with some good friends here at the house: Br. Jim and Fr. John. Br. Jim is a Capuchin who was assigned in Boston before returning to the university to obtain his doctorate in canon law. He has connections... in particular, a source for Red Sox tickets and a place to stay in Boston. Br. Jim knows EVERYBODY up there, including Cardinal O'Malley, the archbishop of Boston, who we had dinner with on Saturday night. Oh yeah, and the Sam Adams brewery is a block and a half away. This was a great weekend.

Skyline of New York:

A Random Train Shot:

On the Train w/ Br. Jim:


Chowder Vendor ("Chowda Venda") in the Stands:

Old Seats of Fenway:

The Guys Before the Game (Fr. Charles, Br. Jim, Fr. John):

Yawkey Way Outside the Park:

Sam Adams Brewery Tour:

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Brother Charles said...

It was good to meet you, Father. Prayerful best wishes for a fruitful Holy Week and a blessed Easter!